July 2014: From Canvas to Concrete - Two Man Art Show with Ngwe Aung and Arker Kyaw


We are featuring two extraordinary artists - Ngwe Aung and Arker Kyaw - who both address the subject of "landscape", but in wildly different ways.

Ngwe Aung observes the landscapes of Myanmar's mountainous regions and painstakingly builds up layers of color and texture on his large magnificent canvases - "slow art" at its best.

Arker Kyaw, Myanmar's most famous graffiti artist, paints fast and furiously with his spray can, making his own mark on the walls and pavements of our urban landscape.

Works from both artists will be on display in River II, and at the opening function see Arker Kyaw in action as he transforms the walls of the gallery. We have no idea what he will come up with - come and join us to see what emerges.

Ngwe Aung- Artist information

Arker Kyaw- Artist information


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