September 2014: Museum Funf Kontinente - Munich, Germany


 Museum Funf Kontinente - Munich, Germany


One day last summer, a group from the State Museum in Munich visited the gallery in Yangon, and told us of their exciting plan to mount a major exhibition featuring the arts, antiquities and photographs of old Myanmar.  The exhibition had been conceived in 2011, one hundred years since one of the Museum's first Directors had toured Myanmar with his photographer wife.  She had photographed the country, and he had collected fine examples of the arts and crafts of the country.These were never exhibited, but more than 100 years on, the Museum had decided to exhibit this important collection in a year long show.  Surprised and delighted by the talent of Myanmar's artists that they saw on show in River, the Museum management decided to add a modern day component, asking River Gallery to curate an accompanying exhibition of works from a range of Myanmar's leading contemporary artists.


Needless to say, we were thrilled to be part of this project and the seven Myanmar artists selected have surpassed themselves in creating wonderful works for this show, which is the first major exhibition of Myanmar art in Germany.  You can take a peek at the artworks, by clicking the link below, and also see the flyer for the show, in case you are in the neighborhood any time during the next twelve months.  All of the contemporary artworks are for sale.

The Museum has produced a beautiful book to accompany the exhibition, with a chapter devoted to the contemporary artists. The book is all in German, but you can read the English translation by clicking the link below;


Text of catalogue- English

Flyer-Page 1

Flyer-Page 2

Exhibition Photos:

Artist Htein Lin Installation:


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